Compressed Components

An endless array of size, shape and configuration of components can be produced from knitted mesh.

Compressed knitted mesh components can be adapted and used for numerous applications, some of the most common in use today are anti-vibration, engine mounts, high temperature seals, RFI/EMC gaskets, filtration, engine breathers, catalytic converter seals, heat dissipation, and expansion joint media.

VVith a vast choice of material type, grade, tensility, filament size and compressed density available we can offer a wide range of solutions to any given predicament.

Compressed knitted mesh components are supplied to various industries such as computers, telecommunications, electronics, automotive, chemical and petrochemical, water purification, and domestic appliances.

Knitted mesh can be compressed in a custom made tool or extruded through a die to form continuous lengths of rope in almost any shape or size.

Knitwire Products has the added advantage of it's own engineering facilities capable of manufacturing tools from mild steel for low volume and one off jobs to fully hardened automated tooling for mass production items. Components and tooling can be produced to customer drawings and specifications or advice can be given on solutions and concepts for new projects.

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