End Protection Seals
CSS provide technical solutions to combat intumescent mat erosion.

Compressed knitted wire mesh seals can be incorporated in the design and manufacture of most catalytic convertor and diesel particulate filter assemblies. Seals can be made to suit existing production or new developments.

Seals are positioned around the monolith anywhere that turbulent, hot exhaust gas can come in contact with the expanding support mat.

A speciality of CSS (and patented concept) is designing and manufacturing seals for close coupled converters where operating temperatures exceed 1000 °C. These typically include a high purity, man-madefibre in addition with a high nickel stainless steel, insulation properties, operating temperature, and sealing properties are all highly improved.

Any size, any shape and canning technology can be catered for to suit requirements. The majority of seal have a round, oval, or square cross section although they can be profiled with a small lip to provide added protection against chipping of the monolith edges.

Depending on application, knitted mesh end seals have densities between 0.8 and 3g/cm3 and are typically manufactured from 0.15 to 0.3mm diameter, fully annealed wire.

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