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Manufacturers of knitted wire mesh, demister pads, and specialist products.

Specialists in Knitted Wire for the Automotive Industry
Specialists in knitted wire mesh for the automotive industry
Specialists in knitted wire for industry
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The directors of the highly successful Knitwire Group of Companies established Catalytic Support Systems Limited (CSS) in 1990. The aim was to have a separate company specializing in knitted wire components for the automotive industry.

Over 45 years experience in the wire industry, combined with dynamic enthusiasm and innovation has produced a company that has recognition worldwide for continuous improvement in quality and service.

A more mature experience, harmoniously added to the fresh ingenuity of a younger generation maintains our ability to remain up to date with advancements in design and technology. This contributes to the strengthening of our position as a first class global supplier to the automotive industry.

The needs of all of our customers are continually assessed and anticipated. At the same time as monitoring and initiating improvements to existing product lines and operations, we endeavour to have a strategic approach to future concepts designs and manufacturing methods.

A great strength of CSS Ltd that our customers have found invaluable is the ability to offer an immediate response in the preparation of proposals and samples. We have over 200 different designs and configurations of knitting machines at our disposal, capable of producing a range of over 1000 mesh types in a vast range of materials. This enables our experienced and highly skilled staff to analyse any new product and select the correct mesh type and material almost first time every time keeping expensive and lengthy testing time and cost to a minimum.