Knitted Mesh Rolls
Catalytic Support Systems Limited (CSS), produce high quality, versatile, knitted mesh from a vast material range, offering a high level of expertise and creativity.

Our skilled design and development team will endeavour to ensure that the correct characteristics are chosen in the specification of knitted wire for each application. This can be decided upon from such criteria as diameter of wire (0.08 to 0.5mm), number of strands, flexibility, elasticity, shape and size of stitch, flat or crimped and the final width of knitted mesh roll.

The majority of our materials and final products are 100% recyclable, which is becoming more and more a major issue concerning materials used in automotive components.

The service conditions for any component are studied and the most appropriate materials selected to ensure optimum performance and life expectancy.

Stock materials typically used:

Stainless Steel: 302, 304, 316L, 321, 309, 310S
Super Alloys: Inconel 601, Incoloy DS, Hastaloy, Carpenter 20
Fibrous Filament: 'E' Glass, 'S' Glass, 'A' Glass, Basalt, Ceramic, Silica, Kevlar
Others Aluminium, Copper, and Brass, Mild Steel (plain and galvanised), Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and any other continuous filament material supplied as a wire or yarn

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