Mist Eliminators

The processing industry is dependent upon reliable equipment to meet their targets on budget, which is why our dedicated team of engineers have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into developing products that are specifically designed to reach their intended life span. Our mist eliminators are one of the most successful products to achieve this.

knitted wire mesh mist eliminator

Beware of Edging Strip

The result of our design efforts is a mist eliminator product that is of a superior quality to others on the market. Most other demister manufacturers using knitted wire mesh will very often take their scrap pieces of mesh and incorporate them inside of the actual demister itself, however, this can have disastrous and costly effects upon the rest of your processing equipment and lengthy downtime.


These other manufacturers will use an edging strip in the hopes of preventing the scrap mesh from escaping, however, should this edging strip become loose, the scrap mesh can leave the mist eliminator and find a way into your other equipment. It is for this reason that we always warn processing companies to beware of edging strip on their mist eliminators that they did not specifically ask for.

Superior Mist Eliminator Quality

Our demisters will only ever have an edging strip if you have specifically requested one. We use welded grids and rods to hold our mesh together inside the demister. Our onsite fabrication engineers construct a grid for the mesh to sit on, this grid has metal rods which the mesh is then impaled onto, ensuring maximum security. Our mesh is stacked in such a way that produces a very minimal amount of scrap, eliminating the need to place any scrap into your demister.


The finished product is of such a high quality and strong build that you can actually stand and walk across it. And with fast turn arounds, when the time comes for a replacement, we can have your new mist eliminator delivered to you quicker than most. Contact us today for a quote.

two people standing on mist eliminator