Random Packing

Random packings are used within the processing industry as a cost-effective way to increase a towers capacity and efficiency. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, all based upon your requirements. We also have the option of either through-flow or around-flow packing.

Random packing increases liquid/gas contact, making chemical separation more efficient by minimising pressure drop and increasing the surface area.

Metal random packing

Random Packing Materials

We have three main random packing materials available to choose from dependent upon your requirements. Metal packing is usually preferred because of its superior strength and good wettability. Plastic packings tend to be inexpensive, lightweight and have a sufficient enough strength with good chemical resistance, however it has a poor wettability, especially at low liquid rates.


Ceramic packings are also available, these are useful for corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures where plastic may not be suitable. They have a good wettability, but they are inferior in strength compared to metal.

Plastic Random Packing

One Stop Shop

Alongside random packing, Knitwire also manufactures demisters and offers all vessel internals, offering ease of purchase for all your process application requirements. Being located in South Africa you will have your manufacturing and storage managed locally, as well as saving on shipping costs.


You will also have the advantage of local office opening hours and having a friendly sales team member available to speak to on the phone. We have flexible lead times available to ensure that your order reaches you on time.


We have a full catalogue of processing applications that we manufacture, please contact us so we can show you.