Filter Media

Knitwire has a variety of knitted wire mesh filter media materials available for use in the manufacturing of grease filters, demister, and coalescing applications, with a choice of either plastic, galvanized, stainless steel, or exotic alloys.

knitted wire mesh rolls


Knitted wire mesh filter media can be designed specifically to your filtering needs, using different wire gauges and layering. The interlocking loop pattern within knitted wire mesh helps the product to overcome certain filtration issues where other materials may struggle.

The filter media can come as a single knit or a multi-knit with fine fibers like silica or Teflon, which, depending upon your filtration requirements can give even higher removal efficiencies. The many variations and benefits of knitted wire mesh make it ideal for applications across many different industries, including automotive, oil, gas, liquid filtering, and coalescing.

The knitted wire mesh can be layered and fitted into a case or can be compressed to many different shapes and sizes to fit into or around particular applications.

framed filter media knitted wire mesh


When used in a demisting application and crimped, knitted wire filter media is capable of over 98% removal efficiency with low resistance. Due to the flexibility of the knitted wire mesh, it is also able to withstand vibration without damage when in close proximity to machinery and equipment.

Stainless steel is extremely robust, anti-corrosive, heat resistant, and easy to clean, making it a perfect material in the use of filtration, although other materials are available to cater to demanding environments and applications.

Once installed, stainless steel knitted wire filters can last considerably longer than other materials, providing a cost-effective filtration solution.

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